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86 22re wont even turn over

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ok so i finally got the swap done with an 86 22re in an 89 4x4 truck. i have all but a few plugs connected (those plugs that i wasnt sure where to plug). so I hook up my battery and turn the key and nothing happens... it wont turn over, no clicking sounds, NOTHING!! also a few of my electronics work, my headlights and my open-door-beeper, but not the turn signals or brake lights. I tryed switching between the original 89 ecu and the 86 ecu... still no clicking, nothing. then i tryed switching the ignition with a working 89 truck, and still, NOTHING!! please help!! what should i check now??
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you may want to get a haynes manual for the wiring diagrams, but I think there is a relay that controls the starter solenoid. Work your way through the start switch then to the relay and then to the starter. You're just checking for +12v so you could use one of those little light bulb testers, but I'd recommend getting a multi-meter.

I have an 89 as well, but I think it's pretty run of the mill for the starting system on these.
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