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I have an 86 22r that I traded the instrument cluster out on. (idiot lights to guages) I am switching the oil press. sender out when the new sender gets here. The problem I am having is the tach doesn't work. It worked in the vehicle it came out of, but I am thinking that there are no wires in the harness to connect it. What I am getting at is what wires control the tach and where to they run to? It looks like the cluster connections are worn on the new cluster, but I don't know which spot controls what. Plus I don't know where to get the pins to connect into the plug. Any help anyone can provide would be great Thanks
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You are correct that you need to have an additional wire. I just did this conversion a couple of months ago myself. I will look in the book for the correct position and connector, but IIRC it was pin 6 of the big connector. The wire is either black or black with a red stripe. I unbundled the harness in the dash, found the wire, tapped into it and used the correct wire from the harness I pulled from the parts truck I had that also had a tach at one point. Best place to get the wire with terminal is off another harness. Be sure to insulate the connection and rewrap the harness afterward.
thank you for the response, if you could figure out which wire controls the the tach that would be great! Any more information or pictures would be great, I don't quite get it yet

I did that swap a couple years ago on my '86 4runner. Put in a '84 cluster with the tach. Had to make several wiring changes along with adding the oil sender unit instead of the oil switch. Ran a new wire from my coil to the cluster for the tach to work. I will see if I have the documents for my changes. I sent them to several people before.

I found the FSM data I have for a non-Tach cluster and a Tach cluster. Give me an email or send me a Private Message and I'll get you the info.
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