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86 SR5 no start

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I have a 1986 SR5 4x4 fuel injected with 230,000 miles that suddenly quit running. While attempting a start it will initially start but shuts down immediately. The start injector works, but appears to me that the ignition shuts off after the initially start. Does that at each attempt. Initially it would not start and then suddenly worked for 1 or 2 days, then quit again. That is where I'm at now. Any ideas? I am the original owner and sure would like to get it going again. I'm out of ideas. Thanks in advance.
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sorry dude. thats why I hate new vehicles( 85+). I would check all connectors and wiring. Get some electrical cleaner and dielectric grease. Clean each and every connector you have. When its dry put a dab of the grease in the connector and reconnect it. At this time check the locking feature on the connectors.
Pull the ECU codes (EFI computer) codes and if no faults are stored take voltage and resistance measurements of the ECU and compare with factory service manual.To find out in detail about the above see my recent replies to other members showing full details including links or click on my profile and click on "Find other posts by Sidney".

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Try jumping the fuel pump test connector and see if the motor keeps running. Jumping the connector by-passes both the circuit opening relay (fuel pump relay) and the fuel pump switch in the VAFM.
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