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86 Toyota P/U Won't Start

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This truck suddenly quit starting. It has 190K miles. It was running/starting quite well. Getting gas, spark; timing chain looks new. Could it be an oxygen sensor? I tried squirting starting fluid in intake to no effect. You can hear it firing but it just won't catch, it won't keep running. Distributor cap looks new. Any comments welcome. Thank You.
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22r (carb) or 22re (efi) ?!?
86 toy

hey let me know what you find out my 86 did the same thing it sucks!! good luck:thumbup:
are you sure it's firing? make sure, sounds like an igniter
fuel spark and compression are all that are needed to run, said you know yer gettin fuel and gas, check compression....
If you have spark, your timing chain might have jumped. To check, pull the plugs, rotate the crank until the timing marks line up. Then see if the rotor is pointing at the no. 1 plug wire connection in the distributor cap. A more accurate way (with the plugs out and the timing mark aligned) is to connect a timing light between the no. 1 wire and ground. Then slowly rotate the distributor back and forth. The light should flash as the cap is moved past the rotor at the #1 position.
hey guys thankx i have already done that, timing is cool got sprk fuel and compres is at 160 straight across. aka what else can i try??
Do you have a 22r or 22re?

You say you have spark and compression. Starting fluid is good stuff, and doesn't need much spark to light it. Is your distributor in proper location as well as your plug wires?
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