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Okay so I bought a 1986 Corolla SR5. RWD 4-ac Auto.

Now because it isnt a GT-S my friend is constantly telling me im a retard saying "ITS AN 85 CAUSE IT ISNT A GT-S LOLOL"

Is he wrong? The registration says 1986, the Vin has the 86 code but its an Sr5.

Either way someone give me their opinion so i can shut him up.



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You friend is technically wrong that it's an AE85. 1986 is the vehicle year while AE86 is the chassis code. In North America the SR5 was given the AE86 code, in Japan it would've been given the AE85 desigination. A GT-S in North America would have AE88 for it's code, while the Japanese version would have AE86.

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The big difference between the 85 and 86 is that the 85 is SOHC while the 86 is DOHC
Sorry but no. They made 4AC 1.6 SOHC SR5's and 4AGE 1.6 Twin Cam GTS's in 85-87. Not sure about 84, I know they had the SR5 then. The Vin should also be AE86 for both the SR5 and GTS RWD Corollas.

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There is so much misinformation in this thread, it's not even funny.

AE85 = SOHC 1.5L 3A-U (Japan Only)
AE86 = SOHC 1.6L 4A-C (Outside Japan) or DOHC 4A-GE (Japan and Export)

All were made from mid 1983 to mid 1987 (production date) or 1984-1987 (model year). The year has nothing to do with what it is, they were all made in every year.

All outside of Japan are AE86, does not matter what engine it has, it's an AE86. All will be chassis code AE86-xxxxxxx.

In Canada/USA, we also (read: in addition to the frame/chassis code) have a 17-digit VIN which is NOT the chassis code, but it does offer some insight to what GRADE the vehicle is.

Data Tag/VIN Decoding Information (Canada/USA Only):

JT2AE85 = DX Grade (Essentially an SR5 with even less options, they don't say anything on the trunk)
JT2AE86 = SR5 Grade (4A-C engine (SOHC 1.6L) with 6.38" rear end, rear drum brakes)
JT2AE88 = GT-S Grade (4A-GE engine (DOHC 1.6L) with 6.7" rear end, rear disc brakes, optional LSD)

JT2AE8xS = Coupe (2-door Coupe)
JT2AE8xC = Liftback/Hatchback (3-door Coupe)

Differential Codes:

T282 = 4.30:1 2-pinion 6.7" 4A-GE Diff (no-LSD)
T283 = 4.30:1 2-pinion 6.7" 4A-GE Diff (with-LSD, Excluding Canada)
S292 = 4.10:1 2-pinion 6.38" 3A/4A SOHC Diff (Automatic Transmission)
S302 = 3.73:1 2-pinion 6.38" 3A SOHC Diff (Japan Only)
S312 = 3.91:1 2-pinion 6.38" 3A SOHC Diff (Japan Only)
S314 = 3.91:1 4-pinion 6.38" 3A/4A SOHC Diff (Manual Transmission)

Transmission Codes:

K50 = 5-speed Manual Transmission (Japan AE85 (3A) models)
T50 = 5-speed Manual Transmission (All AE86 (4A) models)
A42D = 4-speed Automatic Transmission (without 4A-GE engine)
A42DE = 4-speed Automatic Transmission (4A-GE engine, with ECT)

Japan Frame Codes:

AE85-FSMNS (Example Only)

AE85 = Chassis Code for Vehicle with 3A-Block / AE86 = Chassis Code for Vehicle with 4A-Block (4A-GE)
F = Sprinter Trueno (Popup Headlights) / E = Corolla Levin (Fixed Headlights)
S = 2-door Coupe / C = 3-door Coupe
M = Manual Transmission / P = Automatic Transmission
N = GL Grade (3A Only) / E = SE Grade (3A Only) / X = SR Grade (3A Only) / Q = GT/GT-V Grade (4A-GE Only) / V = GT Apex Grade (4A-GE Only)
S = SOHC 1.5L Engine (3A-U) / F = DOHC 1.6L Engine (4A-GEU)

North America/Europe/Australia/Others:

AE86L-ESMQF[A] (Example Only - LHD)
AE86R-ECMQF[C] (Example Only - RHD)

AE86 = Chassis Code for Vehicle with 4A-Block (4A / 4A-C / 4A-GE / 4A-GEC)
L = Left-Hand Drive / R = Right-Hand Drive
E = Corolla Coupe (Popup or Fixed Headlights)
S = 2-door Coupe / C = 3-door Coupe
M = Manual Transmission / P = Automatic Transmission
D = DX Grade (USA Only, 4A-C Engine) / X = SR/SR5 Grade (4A / 4A-C Only) / Q = GT/GT-S Grade (4A-GE / 4A-GEC Only)
C = SOHC 1.6L Engine (4A / 4A-C) / F = DOHC 1.6L Engine (4A-GE / 4A-GEC)
A = United States Destination / K = Canada / V = Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Others) / Q = Australia / C = Sweden or Switzerland / G = Germany / W = General European Countries / Blank = Other Countries

Hopefully that answers your question (and more!)

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