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86gts help please

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a toyota tech replaced my timing belt today..on the side. all the seals were blown out and all. i just got it back, but it makes a horrid whine from the engine from that area around 3-4k rpm. he said its not a big deal. sounds like the belt is too tight. is that possible with a spring loaded tensioner on it? if if is too tight cant i just remove the top cover and readjust the tensioner? its a 3s-ge motor. any advise or help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
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Is the tensioner spring loaded or hydraulic?
I thought all the 3SG were hydraulic....
Either way, you need to find out what is is, and possibly fix it.

Have you checked the accesories?
You will need to remove the engine mount to pull the top cover off....
leave it alone, the belt will eventually stretch
You need to find out what it is.
It doesn't necessarily need to be fixed, but you need to know what is making the noise.....
Any abnormal noise is a sign that something is wrong, be it from a belt.
Over tensioned timing belt won't make any noise. Most likely it's coming from the PS or alternator belt. Over tightened belts not only make anoying noise, they put stress on the belts and bearings of the parts. I would demand to have it corrected.

any belt with teeth pulled even slightly tight will sing, may it be a blower belt or timing belt, and it doesnt even have to be very tight to sing. the noise comes from the belt traveling at moderate to fast speeds and the teeth pulling out of the pulley groove, as the belt tooth comes out of the groove, the air tries to rush in to fill the gap, if it happens fast the air crashes into the groove in the pulley and makes a pop sound, and the faster the belt goes around the higher the pitch of the sound:thankyou:
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