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Recently I had the cylinder head on my 87 4ALC machined because of warpage due to failure of cooling system (symptom was water vapor out the tail pipe at start up). Put it back together with relative certainty that all the emission control hoses accurately connected. Timing is correct. No more water vapor, cooling system operates correctly. Compression checked out OK (178psi per cylinder). Acceleration is very poor. Fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter are brand new. The sight glass on the side of the carburator (relatively new, about 20K miles on it) indicates proper fuel level at idle and when throttling engine. With the air cleaner removed and the engine off, I can see the gasoline squirt in one of the barrels (2 barrel carb) when pushing the throttle. It squirts in slightly below the hinge point of the butterfly valve from the outside sidewall of the carb. There is no visible squirt into the other barrel, should there be? Engine runs smoothly, just seems severely gas starved. Can get to 60mph but takes a long time and there is not enough power to go up modest hills.

The engine was running well before I took the head off for inspection and machining. It was hard to start because of the coolant leakage into the cylinder but would run well once started.

Any ideas?
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