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87 exhaust

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I just purchased a 1987 pickup 4cyl. it looks like a factoy header on it. Is there such a thing with toyota?? IF so I thought about installing it on my 94 4 cyl?? Any help would be appreciated..
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In North America the 22R & 22R-E s are used in the following:

1981-82 Toyota Corona
1981-83 Celica
1981-87 Toyota pickup (up to 1990 on 2wd)
1984-87 Toyota 4-Runner

22R-E (22REC=California emissions=extra charcoal canister)
1983-85 Celica
1985-95 Toyota pickup
1985-95 Toyota 4-Runner

22RTE (Turbo EFI)
1985-87 Toyota 4-Runner
1985-87 Toyota pickup

These sites explain if the exhaust manifold will fit:

22R Series tech data: Information/22r_tech_notes.htm Information/Transmissions.htm

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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