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I installed a new distributor o-ring on this car and now it won't start. It has the 3S-GE engine. According to the repair manual that I have, with the timing mark lined up with 0 and the distributor pointing down at the number 1 cylinder, the slot in the camshaft should be nearly vertical and offset to the right. The distributor has a similar key. It fits right into the slot on the camshaft. There's really only one way you can insert this distributor.

I have checked this at least three times, but the car will not start. Turning it over makes it backfire, but it never catches, which tells me that the timing must be way out of spec. What could I be doing wrong? The car was running great before the repair.

The only other thing that I did was spray some brake cleaner on some greasy spots near the distributor before removal. I was going to pull the plugs and see if they are fouled.

Any ideas?
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