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88 22RE Hit BIG water

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Hello All...New to the Forum. I have an 88 22RE and I stupidly hit a patch of big water that soaked my engine and took water in the intake. The truck conked out shortly thereafter. I took it to the shop and they basically dried out the the distributor and wires and cleaned the coil. I have changed the air filter and plugs and of course the oil. It now starts and runs but feels like it has a skip somewhere...basically running rough until high RPM's. The mechanic's suggest that I have a valve adjustment? Other than replacing the cap&rotor are there any other suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Much Obliged,
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The water that got into your engine could have caused a number of things and once the techs at the shop start taking it apart you could be talking about another motor! I had a maxima with the three liter v6 and the same thing your asking about happened to me and i know it was a nightmare that I would not wish on my worst enemy, my piston rings collapsed and my mass air flow sensor went and the list goes on and on. So all im saying is becareful who you take it to and get a number of different opinions. :thumbup:
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