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88 2wd Lifted on 31x10.50s, needs gears and LSD

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I traded a few hundred bucks worth of car parts for my 'new' 1988 22R 2wd 5 speed truck. It was modified at some point with a fairly good lift, 31x10.50x15" tires, front brushguard, roll cage in the bed, fenders kinda cut for clearance, ect. Its a great running little truck but the gearing was never done. Its slower than dirt but getting great mpg. (25-30mpg mixed) 60mph on my speedo matches the freeway's typical 75mph drivers. Question at hand:

Can i drop in ring/pinion type setup to fix my gearing and get an LSD or posi type traction? I would be okay if this truck couldn't go over say 85mph maximum in 5th i mostly want it for around town parts runs and some baja style desert/offroad driving.
Will i have change the entire diff and solid axle assembly? If so, what are some setups i could look for? Or would this be something i'd have to get new?

Thanks guys
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if you want to get a posi trac, you can keep your who axle and diff setup except for the fact that your posi trac will take the place of your spider gears, which is not a big deal. check out they have some awesome deals on positrac/lockers and full ring and pinion sets as a package deal, saves alot of money.
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