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88 4runner barely runs after or during rain

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Just wondering why my truck will barely run when it rains, or when i try to start it after it has rained?
The engine seems to stumble, i can floor the accelerator and it just putts along...until it gets above 3200rpm ,then it seems like I just hit the turbo button and takes off.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks folks!!
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some part of your ignition system is cracked, could be the distributor cap, wires, ignition coil.

moisture is getting in when its real wet out and its causing the problems
There should be a thin gasket that sits around the distributor and helps seal the cap. If it it gone or thrashed, buy a new one at the dealer.

Also, use as many Factory TOYOTA tune-up parts as possible. Cap and rotor etc...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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