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88 camry headlight issues

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I just joined this forums cause i currently have a 88 toyota camry station wagon and ive been seeing several issues that i dont know about. ONe of them is that when using the headlights at night instead of being an even spread of light its a direct beam causing me to see jack crap. I think it might be the whole headlight casing cause i have swaped the bulbs with silvanias. Anyone got any idears?
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You may just need to re - aim the headlights. Couple of screws at each lamp adjust them up and down.
man im still havin probs even after i lowered them almost to the bumper wonder wats the prob. friend said that it might b distrabution prob but that rarely happens. i noe its not bulbs. im gonna c if i can take it to mechanics unless u guys can give me some ease
Does the headlight beam spread look like other Camrys on the road from the same years? If so, you are stuck with it... that generation Camry has really crappy headlights.

would it the casing that is doing that or the wirings? cause im thinken of buying replacement ones from ebay or sometin not sure if thats gonna do me any good or buying headlights from a different car with the same design or sometin.
unless you've been in an accident or something the light casing should be fine. you can try cleaning it so more light can get through
well front end has been smashed not hard tho headlights been moved in more(got it all fixed tho) bumper was pushed in. i could try cleaning it but with wat? bug n tar removal?
You didn't answer my question yet...

Does the headlight beam pattern look the same as those from other Camrys of the same body style?

My headlights are fantastic, and it's an 88.
Changed the globes...but.
havent looked at any other models of the same year car. ive been fiddling the headlights out i noe its not the bulbs but im just gonna take it to mechanic to tell them to check it out. or just change the whole headlight
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