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I used to be active on the forum a few years back. I took down the camry to do a 3sgte but ultimately life has gotten in the way and the project has taken way too long . I figured I might as well post this to see if anyone is interested in the parts I have before it goes to the scrap yard.

Parts I have and can remove or you can come to my place and remove it yourself. Throw me some offers. I'm not looking to make money .I will post pictures soon.

3sgte from mr2 with harness ECU
e153 transmission (from charlie aka white90dx) with LSD
5spd stock transmission with shifters cables, brakes if you want to do a 5spd swap ?

Megan st185 coilovers modified/fitted to gen2 camry (I would need your stock shocks and struts so i can roll the car after)
JDM tail lights
Full JDM vista front end (minus bumper charlie has it), hood,headlights,grill, fenders
Carbon fiber hood already painted stock grey.
White line front and rear sway bars with poly bushings.
16" BBS rims +55 offset , you'll need spacers though. I have the spacers too 15mm

I'm sure there's a million other parts you can take if you want. Parts off my old 3sfe motor?

Thanks for looking
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