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88 celica alltrac won't start! help!

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here's the deal:
COIL IS GOOD (tried 2 of em, tested resistance etc. no problems)
CHANGED IGNITER with one of my friend's and still didnt fire
CHANGED DISTRIBUTOR and it worked for a week.

it's an 88 165 with stock ignition. Getting no spark. getting power to the igniter, and power to the coil.
is there anything else i can check??

i've seen posts about people having the same problem but cant find a post saying what cured it (if anything).. so i know i'm not alone!

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where is it located? i dont have a service manual for the car...
ok because i thought that it only had pickup coils in the distributor, and didnt have a Crank Angle Sensor. ..
Your right, I'm bad....
There really isn't much to that system, Pick up coil, Igniter, Ignition Coil, ECU.
If your getting power to the coil + side and no intermittent ground on the - side when cranking it a primary ign problem.
You say you changed the dist. and it worked for a week tells me someplace you hit a connector while replacing it that is not connected right or is failing.

Also how do you determine you have no spark?
did u try kicking it?
actually last night i punched the igniter and coil and distributor and it started..... haha...
i think there is a connection that is effed going to the dist. , i checked spark by removing the 2ndary wire from the coil and holding it near ground. nothin... then after i smacked everythign around it started to spark. threw the wire back on the cap, and she fired up.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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