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88 Supra For Sale

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I am currently selling an 88 Supra Non-Turbo(yeah I know, should have gone with the turbo model). It is in pretty good shape, both the exterior and interior. A few minor scratches and such on the body, but no rust what so ever. The paint is a blue/silver color that has a decent amount of oxidation on the roof, hood and back hatch. The interior is in very good condition, only one small hole on the back of the passenger seat. The car is a 5-speed and had the tranni serviced not to long ago.

Since the purchase of this car I installed a Pacesetter header and exhaust system. The OD reads a little over 129k, which isn't to bad for a car of that year. The dash cluster has glow gauges over the stock faces because of a short in the dimmer switch.

I am trying to find someone who might be interested in picking this car up for either a 1JZ engine swap, which this car is the perfect year for. And I can supply you with step by steps on how to perform the swap. Or for someone who might want an inexpensive race car for on or off track use.

Since I'm looking to get rid of it in the near future, the price is not not very bad. I would like to part with it for around $2500. If anyone might be interested let me know, we can work out delivery if you are not in my area. If you would like some pictures I will be happy to take a picture of whatever you would like to see. Please send me any questions at [email protected].