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hi peeps

my camry had its passengers side CV shaft replaced about 2 months ago. the strut was also replaced as was the lower ball joint. after a while the car has started to get a low notchy vibration coming from front end somewhere.

if you would imagine a flat spotted tyre, thats what it sorta feels/sounds like but im getting no huge vibrations, more a low grumblin growly notchy feel, the faster i go so does it. so its something rotating.

theres no vibration thru wheel or brake pedal, its coming from the front somewhere.

seeing as ive already replaced cv/ball joint/strut on this side do you think it might be the hub bearing on this side? has anyone else had a similar experience?

thanks in advance for your replies


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If it's the hub that's going/gone, you will likely get some "pull" in the steering wheel to one side or the other (passenger side=pull to the right, usually).
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