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88 tercel, a love story.

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the other day, i was browsing craigslist when i came across a post titled "free toyota tercel".... i promptly replied asking if the car was still available, despite the description mentioning it had no compression in one of the cyls and such. the lady had just put new tires and repaired the exhaust system so i decided it was worth it if just for those parts... but sadly she promised it to someone who was coming from a few towns over.... so i was sad, very sad. fast forward a few days.... i got a call while sleeping (it was a long day at work, so i was passed out on the couch)... when i got a call, it was the lady with the car. it seems the guy never came to get it, and she was offering it to me. yay! i found out the car was only a block away, "great!" i thought, knowing that i could get it home easily. so yesterday morning, i walked over to take a look at it, it seems the reason it doesnt have compression is that the oil has not been changed for a VERY long time, and i believe one of the valves are stuck open. (i will check that out later tonight). the other reason it died on her, is that the spark plug for cyl #1 was missing the cap.... so the plug wire was not making a connection. so i ran to walmart and picked up some AP64's (they were out of 64's) and slapped them in, the car started rite up (had to jump start it... dead battery. after letting it idle for a few minutes running on 3 cyls, i drove it a block home. now it is sitting in my garage waiting for me to get off work tonight.... so i can make it work better ^_^
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