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88 toyota pick up 22r hesitation HELP!!!

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what up , new to this forum , just bought my 88 pick up and i love it so far. but having a little problem with it. here we go.
so the truck seems to hesitate at certain speeds. from 15-30 it hesitates , after 30 she moves. then again at 40-50 i think . now im new to these toyotas so im looking for some of ur guys help. ive been doing some reading closest problems ive seen from other people make me suspect the egr??? but before i do anything i want hear some ideas from u guys. it does it at all temps.

thanks in advance guys looking forward to having my toyota back to life.
the truck is fuel injected. have yet to replace fuel filter going to do that tomorrow but dont think thats my problem
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If it is fuel injected it would be a 22re engine. Your best bet with being a new owner is to buy a Haynes Manual for it (very inexpensive and a great way to learn about your new truck)) and look in the "Troubleshooting" section to start. Always check the most easy/cheap stuff first and work your way down the list as you check. Usually it's the "common sense" stuff that needs to be checked/addressed first(i.e. tune-up, vacume lines, fuel filter, etc.. These are great trucks, best of luck. Let us know what you find.
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