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89 4Runner 22re removal

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Hi there.
I'm new and looking for some good advice.
I hope I'm in the right place.

My ticket to fishing and the great outdoors needs some work so I'm pulling the engine. It's a 22re (rebuild) and since I've got to do the timing chain and head gasket, I figure I should pull the whole thing. It used allot of oil too. Possibly time for another rebuild? Ring job?

I've read that pulling the transmission is a good idea when removing the engine.
When my engine was rebuilt (not too good a job was done I think) they just pulled the motor.

Is this advisable? It looks easier than pulling the the engine and tranny together.

Any advice is welcome and apreciated!


ps: I'm at the point where I could go either way with it. I've got an engine stand, and my engine is stripped as far as it needs to be (head is off and to the machine shop and back again).
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Engine removal

It depends on wether your oil pan is leaking or not if your losing oil it may be the rear moon key in the valve cover ,Ive had one come out before and it lost alot of oil . But to just do a head gasket and timing chain I would not pull it . If you have never done a 22re or 22r before don't forget to get the bolt under the distbuter drive gear. Let me know how it comes out or if you have any questions.

How many miles (kms) on the truck?

Just curious.
226,000 kms at time of rebuild in 2001. (truck kms)
300,000+kms now.
Pretty young for a second rebuild if you ask me.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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