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89 Camry V6 reverse glow gauges installation

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Hey i just ordered a set of reverse glow gauges from i got them yesterday but i have no clue on how to install them. do i remove my old gauges or paste these over??? i didn't get any installation instructions either. Also is it a good idea to change the green bulbs in the cluster to hyper white?? if so how do i do it?? and finally how do i wire them up to light up when the headlights are turned on??
i also found a real rare item on ebay!!! It's a gen 2 camry i4 cluster w/tach for $13.99!!!!

1989 Toyota Camry V6 LE Blue hooked up 18's

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you just put the glow over the regular guages and hold them in place with some double sided tape. you slide them over i don't think you have to take off the needles or anything.

i wouldn't change the green bulbs to hyper white because it won't show through when you put the glow on.

for the wiring you'd have to get a pen tester and find out which wire behind the cluster gets power when u turn on the lights and tap that wire.

search for a thread on indoglows on a gen3 the steps are probbly the same
The red wire goes to a wire that is at 12V when the parking lights or headlights are on (you can find one, I have failth!) and the black wire goes to ground. Do NOT take the needles off the gauges, you can slipe the gauge covers over the gauge face. You will have to take the two little screws out and screw them down when you are done (its obvious once you have the gauge cluster out). You will want to take the bulbs out of the cluster that provide the lighting for the gauges or figoure out something, otherwise your nice whiteface gauges will be lit whatever color the bubles are. They are standard 194 wedge bulbs. I believe there are 4 on the back of the cluster for ambient light (and lots more for warning lights).

You can pull out the cluster and figure this all out for yourself pretty easily. If you have an height adjustable steering column, you can take out the cluster without removing the steering wheel, if not, you have to pull the steering wheel off to get at the gauges.

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