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89 hilux auto 4x4 3.0 questions need sugestions

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hi all i am the proud new owner of a 1989 reg cab long bed 4x4 auto 3.0 hilux with 240k on it just a few problems

1 it has blown head gaskets!!!

2 it has an auto and it shifts crappy it just about skips second it gose 1_____ 2 3______ 4____________ OD previous owner says obviously i cant drive it ")

3 it has a bench seat and no guages i hate bench seats i saw some pics on here of some really nice sporty looking seats but i dont know what they are and the guages there are not enough !! it has a speedo temp and a gas guage and the speedo bounces or says like 80 when it is going like 20 !!

4 the exhaust sucks!!! who wever desiged this was an idiot!!! no wander the head gaskets blow

so this is what i have done

1 engine is torn down to the block/pistons heads are off to the machine shop for cleaning,flux,valve job and new seals i got a "top end kit" for the gaskets that will be replaced becuase of the head job but i need to know where and what these big black o ring looking things are they are what the injectors sit in anything else i should do while i have this thing all apart (it was a job to get it here)

2 any ideas as to what this is and how to fix it ?? if it is screwed is a standrd swap a good idea feasable??

3 seats and console need some lol and what guage pakagers came in these trucks i want ALL the guages i like to keep an eye on things

4 the exhaust design well headers found two companys $$$$$$$$ downey off road and doug thourly i am going with the downey ones i think as they have just the headers for sale no crossovers and junk the pipes and cat need replaced so i am thinking duals with a cross over/x pipe what size pipe should i use and where should i put the crossover to ballance out the exhaust pulses best on this truck

any and all input advice sites links companys etc is greatly appreciated i am new to the yota world i am a dodge/cummins guy i would like to get this thing on the road soon and with out spending a foutune on it also


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