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89 toyota pickup 4x4

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Hi guys, just got a 1989 toyota pickup from a friend and had the head gasket replaced so i had the head machined, valves done, new front cover, water pump, fuel filter, tranny fluid, fuel pump, timing kit, head bolts, and a lot more! Its been sitting for 3 years and i got it running last night. It wants to surge on idle, but i think it might be the bad gas. I added some premium so i hope after this tank it will be better. Pics to follow
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:welcome: to Toyota Nation!

Sounds like you've been busy with your new ride :). Looking forward to seeing some pics. There's a large 4x4 community here at TN, so I'm sure there'll always be help available when you need it. If you have any questions about the forums, just let me or one of the other staff members know :thumbsup:

Happy posting! :chug:
Thanks! Ive got lots of plans for this thing so i look forward to the forums!
yea, sitting is sometimes worse than not running. I would throw some EFI cleaner in there and run that old gas out ASAP. Also, I'd consider cleaning the throttle body and doing a injector pressure service to. I only recommend these because of the length of time the vehicle sat. But run it a bit before you do anything other than some cleaner you can put in the tank and see how she performs after that. Chevron makes a really good tank additive.
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