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89 v-6 toyota wont run

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alright new here, heres my problem it is a 89 toyota truck v-6 auto jasper motor. came home truck was running fine.normal temperature outside,we got a snow morning tried to start,had to hold it to the floor,finaly got it started.tried to drive it up the road,no power at all,was like it was getting no gas ,and it smelled like it was flooding.i dont know were to start at first,as you know its christmas,4 kids not a lot of money.any ways in the right directions would be nice.thanks,and a merry christmas.:sosad:
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im no expert on the v6 but i would check the tps with a code 51. its a switch signal condition code but its weird that code usually doesnt mean anything on that model. could have water in the tank that froze try some dry gas or something with a little alcohol in it. if it froze up inside a line and you smell gas it could have frozen and busted like a pipe does when it freezes check your fuel filter? trace the fuel lines fron the tank up to the fuel rail with the ignition running or ignition on and the fuel pump pumping preasure so you can see if its leaking. let us know what happens.
thank you, got it running,like you said thought it had water in runs fine now,i put stuff that take water out of gas.let it run awhile.still changing [email protected] bout time for a tune up.code 51 is clear.dummy me took truck for a drive,overdrive lite started blinking,i left the wire in were you do a code check.i forgot it.took it out and its all fine.thank you so much.saved me big bucks.merry christmas
good deal merry christmas to you too!:banger: :banger:
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