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89GT radiator in an ST?

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Well, in the ongoing struggle with my wife's 89ST, it turns out that her radiator has a hole in it. Would have been nice if she had told me she was putting about a gallon of AF in every 4-5 weeks!

So, the shop which is looking at the problem said they'd replace it this week, but they couldn't get one from their supplier quick enough. I called radiators dot com and they overnighted a radiator.

Only when the shop took it out of the box, it was the wrong one. They called me, I called radiator-dot-com and they figured out that my wife's car has a GT radiator in it??? If the shop would put the ST radiator in, the hoses won't reach and even with different hoses, one of them would rub something (can't remember what they said).

So, any idea how this could have happened or why? The engine is a 3SFE, of that I'm positive.

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maybe the car used to be a gt and they swapped the st engine in :)
Supposedly, the VIN comes back as an ST. It looks like all the ST's I've seen, it even has ST as part of the strips along the sides.
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