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90 4Runner w/ NO SPARK!!!

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I replaced the dist. cap and the rotor.
I replaced the coil and igniter module.
checked the wires going to the igniter mod. with a voltmeter, and there was no electricity going to it.
I check my fuses and my fusible links.
Autozone guy said maybe my EFI Relay
was bad.
Napa guy said that it might be my distributor.
I hope I don't have to resort to taking it in for a diagnostic! :(
I would appreciate any help.
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A squirt of starting fluid can give you an idea if you have a spark, or a fuel delivery problem.

Which coil did you replace? The large ignition coil, or the small pickup coil (signal generator) inside the disributor? The only ignition part (besides the usual tune-up parts) that ever failed was the pickup coil in the distributor. The part was under $40 @ NAPA.

I'm ASSUMING you have a four cylinder.
Where should I squirt the starting fluid?

And I have a V6 engine.
The coil I replaced was a large black thing that was not in the distributor, but mounted on a bracket which has the igniter module on it as well.

I did a test, but I'm not sure what it means,........I took off the distibutor cap
and turned the key over and the rotor didnt turn or move at all.
A friend of mine said that even if i have no spark , the distributor(if it is working) should still spin the rotor.
Is this true?
Could a broken distibutor cause me to have no spark?
^yep, that's your problem. The dizzy spins from the cam shaft which is driven by a timing belt from the crank. I'm guessing you broke the timing belt. If it doesn't spin, no spark. No valve movement either, if it's the belt. I don't know if the 3VZ is an interference engine, so hopefully it isn't and you don't have any bent valves.
I just replaced my timing belt 3 months ago. If the timing belt is okay, could I conclude that it might just be my distibutor that is broken?
Yeah, that would be a good bet. Or it's disengaged somehow from the cam drive gear. Pull it out and see. Should be a gear at the end of the dist. shaft that engages a gear on the cam to spin it.
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