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'90 4wd Pickup steering gearbox leak

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Searched the site for a detailed disassembly procedure for my truck's steering gearbox. The gearbox has been removed from the truck and disassembled down to the input shaft/piston being removed...even dropped the ball bearings out of it. Need to replace the input shaft seal but question how to disassemble the input shaft/piston assembly. I am new to the site and may have missed this thread if previously posted. Thanks for your help!
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The FSM has complete assy/dis-assy/rebuild instructions.
SEARCH the forum for links to a FSM you can download. Either the 1988 or 1993 manual will do.
Thanks for the help. I found a FSM download but it does not detail the disassembly of the power piston/worm gear to reach the input shaft seal. Anyone have any information on how to disassemble the power piston assembly to reach the input shaft seal? Thanks!
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