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i have a question for any one who knows there early camry stuff..
i just broke my maf sensor(smashed prongs) and was going to do a custom cai anyway so what is the engine going to do if i just snip the maf and put a sort ram intake on it. and i already took the check engine bulb out.

will it run too rich or lean?

what intake piping do i go with (ex:civic-corolla-eclipse)
*because i could not find website or ebay that sells a kit for my year.-thanks for the help-ricky

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you're going to need the flapper.

As for the intake, buy one of those adaptors off ebay and get some mandrel bent exhaust piping and do a DIY job. Nothing thats in production will fit. Use the search button at the top of the page for instructions

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First, fix your air flow meter. Your car will not run without it... (what you are calling the MAF is actually and AFM - it uses the flapper inside to tell how much air is coming into the engine. there is also a temperature probe in there)

After you fix that problem, put your check engine light bulb back in!!! Its the only easy way to tell if anything is wrong with your motor, and the only way a home mechanic can check the trouble codes on the older cars.

Only AFTER you have done the first two things will it do you any good to put an aftermarket intake on your car. Pick up a cheap intake on ebay - you will need the adapter plate and filter for the CAI... Then buy some mandrel bent pipes (can be found on and other places) cut them to size and make your own intake...

Good luck.

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