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Yup 240,000 and still like new (almost)
I need a diagram and maybe an orifice tube ?
The a/c started to make loud squeals, snapped the belt, battery run-out, had to be towed.
The system was replaced about 2 years ago.
Replaced the belt, and added the new refrigerant, clutch engaged, purged system from hi pressure end; small metal particles were observed.. No time to work on it, it cooled for a while, then started squaling again.
I am new at this and the time to work on this has to be scheduled on vacation or days off. Expense is too great.
I went on the net, and got a factory rebuilt compresor, an expansion valve, a dryer, and O-rings and a hand operated vacuum pump compressor oil and refrigerant 134 can from Wallmart with gauge.?. Somewhere I was told this system does not have an orifice tube; is this correct?.
My vacation is coming up this wednesday, and I need to clarify this before I start.
Does anyone have access to a place where I can get some diagrams ?
Any hints or watch this or that would be appreciated.:confused:
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