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90 corolla gts problem PLEASE HELP!

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ok here goes ill try to be as detailed as possible.
i have a 1990 toyota corolla gts. It has the 4age fuel injeted motor. The car sat for 4 yrs before i bought it.
when i bought it the engine wouldnt crank nothing would work. after finding out there was no spark i put in an msd ignition and coil. now i have hot spark. Next i checked the Air flow meter, which turned out to be no good either. I have replaced this and it is working, even now that i had air and spark still the car would not run. next i checked the fuel pressure, it wasnt great so i replaced the fuel lines, pump, filter fuel pressure regulator, cold start injector, all fuel injectors and fuel rail. Next just to be on the safe side i replaced all vacuum lines. with that being said i go to start the car she cranks and wont turn over. the weird part is if i spray starting fluid i can get the car running and if i continue spraying it continues running, but inside the car my battery light, ck engine light pretty much everything that goes on when the car is in the on position but isnt running. also the tach isnt showing any movement. its like the car wants to run but the pictures not comin across to the inside of the car. ive been over almost everything in this car mechanically and i think ive come to the point where throwing new parts and guessing wont help. I need a fresh perspective someone PLEASE Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you need to know anything else please ask i need help!
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Since the car sat for 4 years, you'll have to replace all the fluids, and do a major tune up. Replace the belts, water pump, and check for loose or cut wires due to rodents. Remove all the old gas and replace with new clean gas along with some injector cleaner.

I always like the 90-91 corolla GT-S. How much did you get it for?
did u check to see if u have power to the pump? is the relay good? throwing parts at it is great if it sat for a long time but still wont fix ur problem. check the circuit opening relay and then check to see if u got power to the pump!
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