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90 cressida using oil

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I have had my car for about 2 months. 115000 miles on her. I use 1 qt oil every fill up. Smokes on start up for about 1-2 miles and afterwards is not bad.
Is this valve guide seal problem. Any good mechanics in the New Orleans area to take it to?
Thanks for any help.

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1qt in 3k miles isn't bad at all.

Smoking for a mile or two is normal and usually condensation from running rich during warm-up period. (long after the temp gauge reaches the middle)

valve guide wear won't lose oil. valve stem seals will. easiest way to test it is to run the car till its warmed up then let it idle in the parking lot for a good 5 minutes, then rev it up to 3-4k for at least 10 seconds. if the stem seals are going, it'll smoke then.

at 115k it's also likely that the head gaskets starting to go bad. that usually starts and progresses to unusable in less than an oil change though. this is one of those engines (and at 115k is liekly) that there are a few oil leaks, even minor ones.

That is 1qt for every 300 miles, not 3k. No leaks on my garage floor either. Real heavy smoke in that first get up and go for 5-10 minutes though.

So to replace the seals what should be done at the same time. Any idea of the cost for this type of work.



In my first post I should have said "gas" fill up as opposed to oil change fill up.

It has been burning about the same amount of oil for all 1500 miles that I have owned it.
ahhh gotcha gotcha. yes, probably stem seals. I asked about it once and was told it's a head job as in full head gasket and refurb... around 1200-1500 bucks.

on the 7m, it's a lot harder to do them yourself than my old 5M.

for now, try 10w40 high mileage oil. if that doesn't help, try 15w40. if that doesn't help, 15w50. if that still doesn't help, you have no stem seals to speak of anymore and any higher viscosity is gonna burn up the pump lol.

Thanks for the input.

Now my problem is to find a Toyoto mechanic in New Orleans to do the job.

Anyone have a name?

my car smokes a bit now. i think it has something to do with the valve cover seal or gasket
those valve cover gaskets notoriously leak but just tighten the bolts and it'll be ok. that wouldnt cause your smoking though. what colour is your smoke?
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