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'90 Supra Non-Turbo P/S Noise

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1990 Supra Non-Turbo Power Steering Noise at 90K miles:

When turning steering wheel left or right, there is a humming/whining noise.
As steering wheel is turned to maximum left or right, the noise becomes louder.
There is no problems with steering operations, only noise.

Possible causes and solutions?
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Causes: clogged filter screen, worn rack, air in the system.


Dirty Screen - remove reservoir and clean the screen. I find spray brake cleaner works well to degrease, then flush with water from the bottom hose port (reverse flow). Allow to dry fully (fans/baking them in an oven/hairdryer etc). Reinstall and fill with fresh fluid per the TSRM. Flush the rest while you are there.

Air - bleed it and add fluid.

Rack - touch your toes when entering the parts counter...$400 for a rebuild, FAR more for new. GIANT PITA to get in and out with the engine in...


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Save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Pull the resevior and look for sludge blocking the screens. Follow the cleaning suggestions that were posted. Also when you refill, you will want to purge the lines by turning the wheel to max left and max right for just a second. Have the front tires off the ground while doing this. Have a companion look for air bubbles in your resevior. If this solves your problem add an after market filter that would be available from your local import parts store at about $40.

If your dealership does this same process they will be quoting you several thousand to replace all of the components of the PS system because they will find metal filings in the system.
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