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90 Tercel motor Swap

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Hey guys, I have a tercel with a blown moter and want to know what engines will directly bolt on. I want to go with an EFI engine and get rid of the carb motor. If any of you have done a swap on a 90 tercel, any info would be appreciated.

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You can swap a 5E-FE, 5E-FHE & a 4E-FTE in with a few modifications. since you were carberated, a few adjustments would have to be made, but you could get a nice motor swapped in anywhere from $1,00 - $2,500 installed.

when you say a few modifications, what exactly does that include. I would like to know the details from someone who has done a swap. Custom motor mounts, ECU, etc.
...ok, you will need to be changed over to efi, so your whole fuel and electrical system will have to be modified. no custom mounts or ecu unless you are getting something massive like the 3s-gte. for you..expect to pay about $2,700 if you go thru BYP in Miami. less if you get a 5E-FE/FHE.

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