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90 toyota 4x4. Exhaust/Cat Issue

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Hello, I am new to this forum. I just purchased a 90 toyota V6 4x4 truck, and I am wondering what kind of alternatives I have in regards to purchasing a new or used exhaust system w. cat. The current setup is all rusted out, and I wouldn't be able to smog it w/out changing it out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
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Welcome to the site!
There are several options
A: You can go with a header setup and then a magnaflow or similar cat back which will have the ability of a cat and include a muffler.

B: You can get an after market cat, and cat-back like above

C: You can just replace the stock parts that are bad and any good muffler shop can put it all back for you.

I will go option A at some point for the small power and mileage increase.
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Thanks to everyone for the replies. I can't wait to get started. I will try and post the results of any mods I will be doing in the future on my new toy. Thanks again. This forum, Rocks!!

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