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9003 mods?

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Have been reading about 9005/6 swap mods. Got a bit excited to try it out until I discovered that the 99 Camry I got a few weeks ago uses 9003. I just replaced them with Silverstars, better than the stock but still wish I can make brighter. Any ideas?
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trial and error...use the 9005 bulbs and jus keep making adjustments to the outer ring til it fits
The problem is that the 9003 (H4) bulbs are dual filament. If you somehow manage to mod a 9005 or a 9006 you will lose your highbeams. Both those single filament bulbs have a 90 degree bend in them whereas the 9003 is straight. I think the dual filament bulbs really suck, even with silverstars. I dont know from first hand experience but I have heard of people beefing up their ground wires (a.k.a. hyper grounds) and reporting brighter headlights. Maybe replacing those and the wires feeding power to the lights will make em a little brighter?

- Paul
I think they suck in the toyota *edit* ALL *edit* applications where the DRLs (daytime running lights) burn the low beams... so they are used almost all the time.

If they were using the hi's, then I would be less annoyed, because I drive alot, and the low beam always goes, and the whole bulb needs to go.

My old van had 9004's... not great but one pair only used the lows, and another pair used the high filaments.

On my Cavalier, I modded the bulb socket, and bulb base holder, so 9005's were in the low beam and high beam lamp positions.
Yeah 9005 - 9005 mods just require trimming some plastic. I dont think 9003 is possible without more serious modding.

- Paul
the question would be who wants to try and mod the 9007 (IS blubs right before the change to hid) to fit in the 9003 hole
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