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91 2WD/4Cyl - Slipped out of gear, and now won't start.

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I was driving along, and noticed the check engine light come on for the first time that I know of. About 10 minutes later, it slipped out of gear and would only rev up as i tried to shift it back into gear. Then it started losing a little power and died as I rolled it to a stop.

Now it won't start.

It will turn over like it's trying to start, but that's it. It shifts into gear fine, and I did check the spark (which was good). Maybe something is causing it not to get the gas it needs, but I'm curious as to why that would affect the shifting.

Anyone else experienced a problem like this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Haven't experienced that, but I would check all of the clutch and to the throttle. If that doesn't help definitely give it a little time, then try again. I would give you some more advice, but I'm at college and not next to my repair manuals.

Whoops didnt see it was a 4cyl.
almost sounds like a clutch issue. if the truck is in gear and push the clutch in does it start or just click? if so your clutch is not engaging. did you hear any type of grinding noise? i dunno about the engine not running though check your fuel pump and fuel filter, maybe the maf meter took a poop? kinda hard to say with the ammount of data given. run some tests and let us know.
Unfortunately your description is not making sense to me.

One of the challenges I face on a daily basis is getting a good description of what the problem is from my customers.

You say it slipped out of gear but would not rev up. Are you sure that the engine had not already quit running and by trying to shift you were using the motion of the truck to "push" the engine?

At this point I would say that it would be best to persue the fault that is keeping the engine from running. If it has spark, that means that the camshaft and distrubutor are at least turning which means that the timing chain is not broken. It does not rule out that it may have jumped time.

Probably would be a good idea to check the ignition timing while cranking. it should be at least close to the spec given for idle speed. if it is way off then you should pull the valve cover and check the cam timing.

Check for fuel delivery and injection pulse.

Ther are several things that could ultimately keep your ride from firing up but these are a good place to start.
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