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91 5SFE Blowing off egr hose.....

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So I bought a 91 GT 2.2L 5sp coupe. The PO had to get it smogged, and it passed no problem (NOT). Aftter owning it for a while I realized the car was not well maintained. Air filter was black and caved in....that was my first clue. Cracked air tube and unplugged egr elec line told me the PO had a friend at the smog station. So, I have replaced spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, valve cover gasket, etc.
But the other day I was driving along and the car started bogging and sputtering and lacking power until it blew the hose that runs from the egr valve to the vacuum modulator! Loud air noise showed me where to look. I remosed and cleaned egr..all o.k., vacuum mod checks out good with a clean filter. Replaced vacuum lines (all that where visible and reachable from top. Cleaned throttle plate. Chedked throttle body vacuum ports, o.k. Dont know anything about cannister and other emmision items...not much in Hayes manual. Is there a way I can figure out why there is so much back pressure on that line? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been reading posts here for a week tring to figure this out.
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Can you feel air coming out of the location on the EGR where this hose attaches, or on at modulator valve. The control system uses vacuum. If the hoses are now pressured, perhaps the EGR has a bad seal and leaking exhaust gas into the control diaphram area.
When the hose blew off I could have heard vacuum instead of blowing, not sure but quite loud. I assumed something was blowing due to the hose being off and putting it back on 3 times. I cleaned the egr with sea foam and it seems to work well (plunger goes up and down and holds vacuum). But I dont suppose vacuum would remove the hose. I have not put my hand back there to feel for air blowing when this happens (tried too but too hot). Will have to try that tomarrow.
Update...problem fixed

had two cats and two o2 sensors replaced today. Car runs great, driver is broke.
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