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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm wondering how difficult a 3SGTE swap from a 1991-1993 MR2 would be to a 1987 Celica FWD.
Reason I'm thinking of this because it's hard to find a gearbox in good shape to put into my car, and I've went through 2 gearboxes within a year. The two gearboxes I've replaced have been beat up barn finds because I can't find a gearbox in good shape anywhere online or through any parts company. I've done some looking into swapping in a 3SGTE from a 91 MR2 since it has a similar driveline. Anyone with experience I would greatly appreciate if I'm getting myself into anything too difficult. Even if someone could set me in the right direction of finding a gearbox in good shape for my ST162 I would appreciate that also!

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