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91-94 Tercel Headlights & Taillights

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Please anyone,
Help me find Headlight and Taillight housings that are NOT stock.
Clear, Euro, Carbon Fiber, Alzetta for 91-94 Tercel ONLY!!!
Thanx, and please post your links.
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Are you a member of If not, you should join, there's lots of information there. You'll get the same information here, but it's another source to check out. :)

Anyway, as you've probably figured out, aftermarket support for 91-94 Tercels is pretty weak. If you have the base model Tercel, I think you can upgrade to DX model headlights fairly easily. For taillights, 93-97 Corolla taillights are apparently pretty close to our Tercel taillights, so with a little modding, aftermarket Corolla taillights should fit.

Oh, and there's someone on that is trying, or did get BMW M3 headlights into their Tercel, I think they only had to mod the grille to fit them correctly.
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