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91 Camry charging problems?

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Hello! Just found this site, hope you guys can help!

I have 91 Toyota Camry with a 2.0L 4cyl. It has 225,000 miles. A few thousand miles ago my altenator went out on me, and I replaced it with a rebuilt unit. It's been running fine since then until recently. Occasionally, not every time, when I start it up the "Brake (!)" light, the "Check Engine" light, and the "Lights" light will come on after start up. This is what it did when my old alt was going out. The sensors for these lights don't see the proper 12v signal and causes the lights to go on. If I give it some gas to raise the revs, they will go out.

While I'm driving they will, sometimes, flash very quickly. Almost imperceptibally, then stop flashing, for no reason. I've had no starting problems and no other problems to speak of. Could I have a short somewhere, or is it just likely I've got a bum altenator? Any hints as to why it's started doing this woulod be appreciated.
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you should get your battery tested may be it's low on water or whatever it is they refill batteries with and can't hold a charge anymore

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I don't think it's the battery because I don't have any starting problems. It's once the car is started and running (running off the altenator) that I have the problems. The lights come on at startup but go away with higher revs and occasionally flicker during driving. Just wondering what the culprit could be. Only started recently.
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