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91 Camry Cruise Control Fuse?

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Silly Question, but I can't seem to find any fuse/relay related to the cruise control on my 91 camry DX...I know there's a fuse compartment under the hood...not there. I checked both kick panels and didn't see anything listing cruise control? Can someone help me out here? I got a 21 hour drive ahead of me and I'd like to get the cruise working. Thanks for any help you guys can give!
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What are your symptoms? Any lights? Intermittant? No lights? Anything else we might want to know (manual/auto, 4 or 6, etc.)? Has it ever worked since you owned the car? How/when did it fail? ...

The fuse for the cruise control is the same as the fuse for the ECU. If the engine runs, the fuse is fine. ;)

I actually got it taken care of. Realized I had a wiring diagram and traced it...but i certainly appreciate your reply. I'll know where to go next time i have a question. :)
What turned out to be wrong? I remember my cruise control working once when I tested it out and it never worked again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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