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91 Camry,Electric windows don't work

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I just bought a 1991 Camry,the windows were working when I bought it,but now have stopped working 1 day later.I can't seem to find the fuse for them if there is one.Any suggestions? I also noticed a gasoline smell coming from the back but I don't see anything dripping anywhere.The tank is near empty too.
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as in none of the windows work ?? or just certain ones ... could be a dirty master switch on the driver door or something else..
It turns out only the windows on the drivers side do not work.Both passenger side windows work fine.I took the main window control out of my other 1991 Camry that I know works and got the same results. I'm also getting a clunking sound from the rear when I go over a bump.The tires seem to rattle if that is possible.It's like the rear tires are losing contact with the road.
Check the wires in the door jam and see if any are broken. this happened on my camry over time the wires break apart from opening the door all the time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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