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There is not possible to put distributor backwards on Camry. Was any smell coming from the white smoke (gasoline, rotten egg, sweet)? Remove all sparkplugs and spin the engine by rotating 19 mm bolt in the crank pulley clockwise (ignition OFF).
If engine rotates easy, and the pugs are covered with raw gas, check for spark. If the spark present, check for flooding condition due to defective coolant thermosensor.
The starter also could be damaged by long cranking.
Have you read any codes prior to replacing the distributor?

If car does not start , the normal tests are:
  1. spark
  2. vacuum (at least 5 inch)
  3. fuel
In additon for EFI car two more tests:
  1. codes
  2. electrical connections.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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