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Asking $1750 all it needs is a set of camshafts(old set was donated to my alltrac) complete swap was in funning condition up until the removal of the cams and gears. Engine has JE pistons thermal coated and graphite coating on the side, the combustion chamber is thermal coated as well. Head gasket is a Cometic mls, with arp studs. Ajusa engine gasket kit with toga bearings, and a high pressure oil pump(oil pressure runs from 85 startup to 60 idle warmed up. Stock gutted down-pipe will be on at sale, thermal coated exhaust housing, and thermal coated cast manifold. Body and interior in good shape very little rust, there is a spot by the gas tank where it was hit but a new gas door and a dent puller would go a long way.

The hood will not be included it needs to go back on my alltrac, but seibons are cheap as hell.

This is a really nice car with a lot of potential and is ready for a bigger turbo and more psi than the ct26 can kick out, but if you like it stock the turbo has many more miles left in it. In total the engine has less than 5000 miles on it since the rebuild.

Now I know I'm suposed to say somthing like I'm really gunna miss this car or I have too many projects but the truth is I've got two alltracs and a big 4wd pickup, I just don't like fwd anymore.

The gauges all work with the swap but the fuel pump needs to be hard wired(it's the blue wire), and included are a set of oil, water temp., voltage, air fuel, and boost gauges.

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