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91 celica st eng. swap? HELP

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To anyone that can lead me in the right direction. I have a 91 celica st with just about everything done besides engine work. Plannaing on getting a new engine, so my engine rod decides to go last night, leaving me with no question about getting a new engine now. I am looking for some speed and it would be very much appreciated to get information about some good engine swaps. I was looking at the 3sgte or the 3sge, or if u have any better ideas please let me know. I send great thanks to anyone who can help me with what i need to preform a good engine swap.
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That looks good..what engine is that and how hard is it to swap with my crappy st tranny and all that.
That swap is probably a little much. Most people go with a 3sgte swap like you originally said.
You'll need to weld engine mounts with any 3S/5S swap. The ST come with 4A-FE with use different engine mount. Drop in engine include all the A series: 4A-FE, 4A-GE, 4A-GZE, 7A-FE. Of caurse they don't have as much power as the 3S-GTE.
How much are you looking to spend, how much power do you want and is this strictly for the street or track as well?
91 Celis came with a 4A???? Wo!! .... I thought they came with the 5sfe.
90-93 GT and GTS got the 5S-FE, ST got the 4A-FE. 94-99 ST got the 7A-FE ;)
I got sources for the money if u know on hand how much it will cost for a heads up that would be appreciated..
If money is no object, late model 4AGZE minus the stock SC and exhaust manifold and a custom turbo setup along with supporting mods such as fuel and a Greddy Power FC or similar to tune it. Or, grab the same engine along with the harness and ecu, throw an underdrive pulley and full exhaust at it.
Formula Atlantic 20V 4AGE :D
240HP NA high reving:thumbup:
sell the car. and get a GT or a GTS, or hunt high and low for an alltrack.

ither way, the most you can swap into your car is a biult up corola mottor. 4AGZE for example. and while those are fun, a 3s-GTE is a much cooler ride.
So i can do the 3s-Gte swap right..IM just gonna need to cut the mounts and get them welded into a new position. Is there anything else im gonna need for the swap. I will be buying the whole clip which comes with cpu and tranny and all that, but will i have to change my tranny? I want the 3s-GTe so besides the mounts what else will i need? Thanks again
The 3S-GTE will be from an AllTrac which means you need to do something on the 4WD tranny to use it as FWD. Your old tranny will be good enough. The ST got smaller front brake rotor then GTS and All Trac. I'll say swap those with the rear rotor. You're doubling the power so you'll need better brakes too.
Really, try to get a GTS body. It'll be easier to swap and it got 4 disc already.
Ive done lots of work to my car already thats why im trying to keep that and drop and engine in it. I mean i got a body kit which i had to custum fit lots of work..Lowered it, got 17's, fresh tourch red paint, tv and ps2 and all that, and some custom interior. I got to much time in that car to get another one. So u are saying my trannay and everything will work, it would jsut be smart to get stronger brakes, i do have new rotors on it thought, alot bigger then the ones it came with..
Well when i get this 3sgte am i going to have to get a new tranny also. cause with the st its got quit the weak tranny.?????
actually you may want to look further in to the swap than what people are telling you. although the all trac does use the 3SGTE it doesn't necessarilly mean that it is suitable for your car. try using the 2nd generation mr2 3sgte. it is nearly a direct swap except that, yes you would have to swap out the motor mounts. also, your stock transmission would not be suitable to use because it would not bolt up. the stock exhaust doesn't bolt up either so you may want to check into an aftermarket e for the car. just make sure you look around before making any permanent decisions.
Well if the 3sgte is to much..How about The 4A-GE 20 v engine fit my celica st. Will i have mounting problems and what will i need to do with the tranny..THANKS AGAIN
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