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1991 Toyota Corolla Standard/Automatic

My first car so I have several questions.

1. Are the third party repair manuals any good/informative? I'm looking for a parts list (OEM numbers) and instructions to remove some of the parts of the interior (front door panels/front dash speakers). If I should buy one, the Hayne's or Chilton one?

2. Are the door panels easy to take off? Is it possible to fix how the manual windows to come up? The rolling is really tight and one of the windows is really loose. (You can push the glass up, down, in, out, etc...).

3. The plastic strip which hides the bottom of the shifter (the strip with the orange pointer to show which gear the car is in) is broken in half so it's currently taped. Where can I buy one besides from a dealership? My friend told me it was $50.

4. Is the dealership the best and only way to obtain OEM parts?

Thanks a lot.
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