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91 corolla auto novice

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Hi All,

New to the auto world!!!

91 corolla, 4 cld, 140000 miles, automatic

This morning the car started nicely and as i moved to about 100 feets, the engine lost power. Full acceleration would not help (would not move forward). I could hear a clank sound as soon as this happend from the rear of the car.

I was able to take to it back by pressing and releasing the gas pedal in quick succesion. This gave very little power to the engine, but managed to take it back.

Interestingly, the power to the engine seems fine when the car is in the Park position. It shows full life when i press the gas pedal.

Also, the check engine light came for a brief while.

Please help with what could be the possible cause and resolution.


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Thanks Pineapple!!!

R works. But now even in Park, the power is dying on me. There is little or no power when I press on gas pedal. The engine hesitate as if its missing. And if left without giving any gas pedal, the engine dies altogether.

Could it be that there is no proper fuel supply to the engine or there is a clog somewhere between the fuel tank and engine; fuel pump?

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Must be leaking on one of the vaccum hose. MAP hose leaking would be bad.
Get a can of throttle body cleaner, start the engine, spary it around the intake manifold, vaccum hose. If it stall where you spary, there is your leak.
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