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'91 Cressida cylinder head bolts

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum. I own a '91 Cressida 7MGE with 133,000 miles, in excellent condition except I need to replace my head gasket and bolts.

I have been searching the internet for these bolts, and I can only fine bolts for the Supra, even though they have the same engine except for Supra's turbo. I can't even find the bolts with ARP, are they the same bolts?

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The part number of the head bolt for the Cressida is 90110-12002. It is the same for Supra's from 87-93
Thanks, I actually called Toyota today and they did say that both cars used the same head bolts. I am going to purchase mine from ARP, they suppose to be a better bolt than what Toyota has.
Hi Luke, welcome to TN! :hi:

Nice to see that Schuy was able to help you out with such a fast response :). I'll move this thread to the Cressida forum so that it can come in helpful for other members in the future :thumbsup:

Enjoy the forums! :chug:
there's absolutely nothing wrong with the toyota bolts. if you have a MHG or are running boost, yes I'd suggest ARPs but for a stock engine toyota bolts won't be a problem by very far. a stock engine will not last 1 minute longer by using ARP bolts/studs. Make sure you check the head and block for straightness, if not get them both decked just for good measure and torque the toyota bolts to 75 ftlbs instead of 58. if you get ARP bolts, you'll torque them higher, studs even higher than that. and make sure you do it in at least 3 passes (25 ftlb, 50 ftlb, 75 ftlb) and in the right order.
Thanks for the info, I'll make sure the torque is correct and my head and block are level and not warped.
I tried 90110-12002 on '91 Cressida and they don't seem to be long enough. I have a 7MGE n/a
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