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'91 FJ80 for sale

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GUNMETAL GREY '91 FJ80 for sale. I'm the third owner--the two previous were my uncle and dad. We've kept it in the family because we love it so much, but it's finally time to part with it. I had the engine rebuilt in March 2005 after loss of compression in cylinder 5. It did fine until it overheated several months later. I took it in to my local shop, and they reported that the starter was bad (news to me) and the belts had come off. At that point, my wedding was right around the corner and I didn’t have the time or resources to get into it, so I have put it on the back burner until now. My guess is that the thermostat went bad, but I haven’t pursued it further and am not in a position to spend more money getting the initial repairs indicated by my local shop done so that further diagnosis can be made. Long story short, I don’t really know what shape the engine is in now. I’m just beginning this process, so I appreciate your honest advice and feedback and any sincere inquiries. Price negotiable.
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