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91 mr2 turbo, need help

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hi im new to this forum but not toyotas i need some diagnosis help from someone who knows turbos if you can help please please do

Mind you the car has 212k bought it from a one owner old man with all service records and VHR but the turbo has never been replaced or rebuilt. i am not driving the car until it is ready to behave like an mr2 turbo

1st turbo boosts only half way on the boost gauge and does not pull really at all. opened up the intake found a lot of oil about 1/2 inch puddle in the turbo inlet and all over the intake tube shaft play up and down is minimal but in and out is maybe 1-1.5 mm
2nd under boost the car is wasting alot of COOLANT AND GAS but the head gasket is fine
3rd the piping is all good with no boost cut but the intake tube does have an inch long slit in it where it meets the turbo inlet
4th temp gauge is dead this is caused by some sending unit being faulty not the gauge itself correct?
i had the car looked at and i was told rebuilding the turbo would remedy everything minus the temp guage if you can help me please do.
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I had to replace my temp sensor too. The gauge worked again after that.It's a simple fix. About 10-15 mintues. The sensor is about $21.00 from Toyota or $14.00 from O'Rielly's. I bought the one from O'Rielly's and it lasted about 6 months. So I ended up going with the OEM(which 2 yrs. later is still working fine.). Thought I would throw that in and save you the time and money.
The oil you're finding in the turbo inlet is from a worn oil seal in the turbo between the compressor and turbine. If it's leaking that much, it is ready to give out completely and if it does, it will dump a shit load of oil into the cylinder(s) and prolly blow the headgasket. You may also be losing coolant in that same area. Those 2 areas are isolated from each other, but the gasket for the coolant lines where it mates with the center of the turbo may be starting to or already have a breach.
You can buy a turbo rebuild kit from Toyota for about $80.00. I have some info on the rebuild if you want to go that route.
As far as #3. the turbo inlet hose. My did the same thing, splitting about 3 inches at the turbo. Bought the OEM from stealership-about $50 fricken $$$! But you will be hard pressed to find that hose anywhere else.
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I am on my 3rd turbocharger for my MR2 right now. I am quite familiar with various turbo issues. Yes, it seems like the seals on your turbo have gone very bad, and very naughty. Do you notice decreasing oil levels? Do you notice white smoke while you are driving or gunning it? White smoke indicates burning oil. Blow by oil is normal, but if you are noticing that much oil, puddled, on the compressor side, the writings are pretty much on the wall. I've done rebuilds before, having them professionally balanced, the whole 9 yards, but the lifespan on the seals of a rebuilt turbo are significantly shorter than original, even with oem seal replacement kits. It may be a bit cheaper, but I can't recommend turbo rebuilds. 212K on a turbocharger? Amazing, considering that turbochargers are recommended to have regular service and inspection at every 15k miles (none of us do it), and the seals on them have an average lifespan of about 90K miles (ct26's regularly maxed out at 130K). Given your situation, I would go either aftermarket or JDM ct20b (no primary cat, difficult to pass smog though). Buying used turbos is a touchy subject, because you really shouldn't buy anything used that has moving parts, but that's always up for debate.
As far as the turbo inlet hose splitting. Bottom side, correct? Yes, it's typical among higher mileage 3sgte's except many owners don't realize it, because as I said, it's bottom-side. The depositing puddles of oil on the compressor side is heavily inducing it. Quite expensive to replace. As far as the coolant and engine temps. As MR2BAD suggested, a faulty sensor is most likely the culprit, especially at 212k miles. Losing coolant is very dangerous if you are not noticing exterior leaks. It is incredibly rare, but if you are leaking coolant and oil at the seals of the turbo, the mixture of the two create a thick pasty substance. 212k mile turbocharger, who knows. Hope this helps!

Best Wishes,
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Also, it would be a good idea to pull out the intercooler and drain it, as it's probably flooding with oil.
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